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As Published in Vision Magazine – Something to celebrate

Sarah 2 There’s nothing nicer on social than a celebration. Birthdays, anniversaries, births, marriages and even engagements, these are the posts that get the most ‘likes’, shares and comments. But in business, we don’t want to crowd it with lots of personal celebrations – however, you can get great mileage from work anniversaries, promotions and company birthdays.
Fives and 10s are a good place to start. If a member of the team has been with the company 10, 15, 20, 25 or more years, let’s celebrate! It doesn’t have to take more than a cake, bottle of fizz or a bunch of flowers, take a quick photo and you have an instant post. Team members will be happy, because these achievements usually go by without recognition. It also demonstrates that your business values its team members and that means stability – a great message for customers and potential customers.
Have you promoted a team member recently? Posting on social media means offering public recognition for the effort people put into their work. It’s a good way to share the information with your customers too. People are often very generous with their praise, and the person’s family and friends often offer congrats as well.
Don’t forget company birthdays. Often social media will have all the info and will state the set-up date of a business, but they leave it up to followers to work out the milestones for themselves. 2020 is a special year for Balls2 Marketing. In October it will be 10 years since Andy and I started the business, of course it’s a very different company today. We’ve gone from the two of us to 14. And we continue to grow, which means there’s so much to celebrate!
If you have a milestone that you’d like to shout about on social, email me at sarah@balls2marketing.co.uk

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