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A Week of Work Experience at Balls2 Marketing

July 2019

Alfie, from our local secondary school, Woodlands School, came for his work experience. He was with us all week and we didn’t put him off marketing – in fact he was brilliant and got stuck in. Here’s Alfie’s blog about his time in the Balls2 Marketing office:

I wanted to complete my work experience at a business that would help me decide what I want to do post sixth-form. My favourite subject at school is Business so I decided to go down the marketing route. I emailed Sarah and she immediately said yes. I knew that this week would be really valuable in deciding my post sixth-form options as marketing is an area which I was looking at applying for apprenticeships.

The first day consisted of shadowing staff. Firstly, I shadowed Eva, who I found out went to the same school as me. She showed me what a normal day at Balls2 Marketing composed of for her. She showed me how she scheduled for the various social media accounts of Balls2 Marketing’s clients using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. She also runs reports for businesses, showing recent trends of activities on their social media platforms. As well as this, I learned that Balls2 specialise in marketing for glazing, construction, building products and renewables companies.

I then found out what Callum does. He focuses more on the digital side of marketing – something I wanted to know more about as I wasn’t sure what part of marketing I was interested in. He focuses on the technical side of marketing – such as SEO, website updates and photography.

Alita was the next person I shadowed, and she showed me how the team prepare for meetings. They get together an agenda of what they are going to talk about, update the communications schedule and print out any social or digital reports. They also take along any work that needs approving, and the press cuttings that show how much coverage the client has received.

To round off a busy day, I sat in on the Monday weekly meeting where the full team get together and talk about what has been done for each client and what else needs doing.

The second day was more hands on. I started by collecting hashtags for a client that would be posting on Instagram. I did this for products such as skylights, aluminium windows and bifold doors.

After that, to finish the day I wrote social posts for Andy’s column on how to measure the success of a PR campaign and Sarah’s column on the growing need for personal social on company pages. This was a good challenge as I had to think about how to differently describe each column 6 times, which allowed me to apply skills I have picked up from doing A-level English Language. This was interesting as it gave me an idea of how my education will potentially affect my job in future.

On Wednesday, I started creating social posts for a client campaign which again consisted of having to word the posts in different ways each time – which is harder than it looks!

I then did some filing for all the magazines Balls2 Marketing’s clients are published in. This surprised me as I didn’t know how many trade magazines existed and the amount that Balls2 Marketing have a close relationship with.

Thursday I was back on the computer, doing research into various events for social media, such as World Chocolate Day and World Emoji Day. I searched for popular hashtags that are used for the events and days and researched ideas for the team to do on these particular days, including dressing up as pirates for International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Lastly, I created social posts to go out on these particular days.

I thoroughly enjoyed my week’s work experience at Balls2 Marketing. The team have made me feel so welcome and they are really friendly. They have allowed me to understand more about how marketing works and it’s meant I can plan my future after I finish sixth-form with a bit more knowledge. I’d like to thank the amazing team at Balls2 Marketing and wish them all the best for the future!

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