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As Published in Glass Times – Value Your Value

Andy Ball, Managing Director of Balls2 Marketing, the strategic marketing & PR specialists for building products, glazing & renewables, talks about marketing the value you offer for customers.

Value Your Value

I read an interesting article the other day about how Mercedes Benz Vans had broken its annual sales record with their ‘Keeping Business Moving’ campaign. After struggling with the perception that their vans were seen as a luxury that was too expensive for most businesses to consider when buying a new fleet, they needed a message overhaul.

The strategy was to get potential customers to ‘see past the price tag’ and look at the value that they would get from Mercedes across the lifespan of the vehicle. The new mission statement and customer promise, ‘Keeping Business Moving’, was less slick and glossy than the typical Mercedes message that draws in consumers. Instead they kept it simple and to-the-point, winning over all kinds of businesses, from delivery companies to catering and everything in between.

They also kept real-life customer stories at the heart of the campaign, to illustrate the real cost-saving and time-saving effects that choosing Mercedes Benz Vans had on their companies.

It struck me as a really interesting turn for the brand, but a very clever one. Understanding what your potential customers want and the kind of messages they respond to is the most crucial part of your marketing strategy.

Equally as important is getting the value of your product or service across. The days of cheap, white windows have faded. All customers, whether you’re selling to businesses or homeowners, are looking for companies that don’t just stack high and sell cheap. The way the market has changed means that customers are looking for added value, so whether that’s extra support, training, online ordering options or super-speedy delivery, it should be included in your messaging.

Tell customers what makes you unique in a way that they will easily understand, or even better, ask your customers for some great testimonials and let them tell the story for you!

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