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As Published in Vision Magazine – Drive your social forward

Sarah 2Having a strong presence is key when it comes to marketing your business – both online and in real life.
That’s why having branded vehicles is so important.
Whenever you’re working on an installation, collecting deliveries or simply driving around your local area, people will spot your vehicle.
Make the most of this endless marketing by making sure your most up to date logo, phone number, email address and website are clearly displayed.
It’s also a good idea to mention if you have a showroom people can visit, and where customers can find you.
When it comes to straplines and messaging, make sure these are the same as what you are using on social media to help people recognise your brand more easily.
Don’t worry if you don’t have a van or the means to get van livery – you can wrap your car. I’ve been watching Yianni: Supercar Customiser, which shows how easy it is to wrap your car without going all out. It’s definitely worth a watch!
It’s also a great idea to post pictures of your branded vehicle on your social media pages. For instance, parked outside your showroom, driving around recognisable parts of your local area and working on an installation.
Having a branded van also means that you need to maintain your professional reputation when on the road. Drive and park courteously to avoid any bad reviews, comments, tweets, messages or tags.
If you’d like more tips to make best use of your social media, email me at sarah@balls2marketing.co.uk

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