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As Published in Vision Magazine – #Facebook Down

sarahs column

Sarah Ball, client strategy director at Balls2 Marketing & social media expert for the glazing industry talks about the recent Facebook outage and why it’s important to always monitor your social platforms.


In a pandemic that swept the world, Facebook suffered from a major global outage a few weeks ago. The outage, which was said to have been caused by a ‘server configuration change’, shut Facebook down for the best part of a day, and also affected Instagram and WhatsApp – two other networking platforms owned by Facebook.

The outage left users unable to access their newsfeeds, profiles, messages and stories. Not good news for businesses who rely on Facebook for leads and a point of contact for customers.

While there’s not anything we as users can do to stop outages from happening, we can monitor our accounts.

We recommend that you always keep tabs on your Facebook page, so you know it’s working properly. Keep your notifications turned on to make sure you’re always up to date with any activity on your page.

Surprisingly, after many retail companies had neglected Twitter in recent years, it was a safe haven during #FacebookDown. Users flocked to the site to not only share their annoyance with Facebook, but reconnect with their Twitter followers.

There were lots of tweets about how the outage had made people realise how much they had forgotten about Twitter, which shows how important it is to make sure you’re active on all social platforms. That way, even if one platform crashes, you’re still able to interact with new and existing customers in other ways.

If you’d like help managing your social media platforms, get in touch with me by calling Balls2 Marketing on 01332 559406.

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