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As Published in Vision Magazine – Hashtag Trashtag

Vison May

Sarah Ball, client strategy director at Balls2 Marketing & social media expert for the glazing industry, talks about how installers can benefit from the appetite for environmental friendliness on social media.

Hashtag Trashtag

Social media challenges are often seen as momentary crazes that will go as easy as they come, without much impact on real life. Think about the cinnamon challenge, the Harlem shake or the mannequin challenge – all done simply for fun, usually dying out after a month or so.

The latest challenge to sweep social media by storm is #Trashtag. The challenge encourages people to take a photo of a litter-ridden area, clean it up and show the result. The hashtag first went viral at the beginning of the year and, unlike other viral trends, is still going strong, highlighting the appetite for environmental friendliness and showing the influence of social media in causing others to follow in their footsteps in the real world.

#Trashtag isn’t the only environmentally friendly content on social media. All it takes is a scroll down my feeds to see posts about being greener. They’re often filled with people interacting with posts about the latest pollution issues and what we can do to help. As I’m writing this, many users are sharing TV presenter Bill Nye’s video calling for us to open our eyes to climate change.

The glazing industry can demonstrate what we are doing to be mindful of the environment. Depending on the style of windows you sell, you can talk about how they’re sustainable, long-lasting, recyclable and energy efficient and how this will benefit the planet.

If you have a great way that you recycle old windows and waste or keep energy use down, let your followers know!

Don’t forget to use hashtags too, such as #EnvironmentallyFriendly, #EcoFriendly, #ClimateAction and #EnergySavingWindows.

If you really want to show your followers how committed you are to saving the planet, why not go the whole hog and do the #Trashtag challenge in your area – it will go down a treat on social and get the word out to locals how environmentally friendly you are!

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