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As Published in Vision Magazine – The Power of Free


Sarah Ball, Client Strategy Director at Balls2 Marketing and social media expert for the glazing industry, talks about the power of free online.

The Power of Free

My only 2019 New Year resolution was to do yoga every day. I am using the free online tutorials on the YouTube channel ‘Yoga with Adriene’ and her story is really interesting.

It all started with a YouTube channel offering free yoga content. It’s super popular with users and her audience is now up to almost four million. I was surprised by how much of her content was completely free of charge, until I watched her talk at the me Convention in Stockholm.

She explained how her strategy of keeping more than 90 percent of her content free has helped her to build an online community and build a business. Adriene still uploads one free yoga video to her channel every week and distributes a weekly newsletter but paid-for subscribers get extra content like meditation videos.

Whilst all this is great for my health, home improvement companies can learn from Adriene’s story too.

Be happy to share information and knowledge for free online. It shows your expertise, product range and what kind of work you do for existing customers, so that other homeowners can be inspired by your work. This kind of content will also get you shown up on searches and encourage lots of engagement on all social media platforms.

Consistent content is important too. Don’t do a short flurry of posts and stop. Keep it going, with interesting, relevant posts week after week. It can be as simple as a photo of your latest project, a video of a new product or some inspiration you’ve shared from someone else.

Think about your customers and potential customers and what you can give them for free, to grab their attention and make them more interested in what you have to offer.

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