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As Published in Vision Magazine – Your phone is your biggest asset

How many photos of installations have you got on your phone? If you’re like most installers we know, there will be hundreds. Creating Facebook photo albums is one way to show off your best installations and the products you fit.
If you’ve not created a photo album before, click on the word ‘photos’ from the menu. This menu line starts with Home and Services. Scroll across and you’ll see it. Then you should see a box with a ‘+’ in it, with Create Album underneath. Click here and add the Album Name. You can also add a description. Click Save in the top right-hand corner, and it will take you back to list of albums. Click on the album you’ve just created, and it will invite you to add photos. This will automatically take you to the camera roll on your phone.
Installation photos
Add pictures from a whole installation, especially if there’s a job that shows off a range of products. You can add in progress pictures as well. When you have selected the ones you want, press Post on the top right-hand corner and wait for them to upload. Your phone will ping and say posted when it’s done.
Once they’re up, you can go into the photos individually and put a description. It’s very useful if there are details you want to highlight.
Product photos
Create an album of composite doors. This means that you’ll have all your photos together when you want to show customers what doors look like in real homes. You can add photos to albums at any time, so when you fit another one, it can be uploaded.
Supplier photos
If you want to add photos from suppliers, a Facebook album is a good place to do it. They’re really useful for products with lots of choices, like colours or glass designs. Potential customers can see what’s on offer and are more likely to find what they’re looking for. Often suppliers will be able to send you this information for you to upload.
Every time you create or update an album, Facebook updates your page with a post. So now is the time to check out all the photos you have on your phone and start creating new albums. And best of all – it’s FREE!
This is just one of the FREE ideas we’ve been sharing over lockdown. If you’d like more ideas, please email me at sarah@balls2marketing.co.uk or call 07540 049655.Sarah 2

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