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The Balls2 Marketing 21-Day Facebook Challenge

21 Day Facebook Challenge image

If your business isn’t making the most of Facebook, then you really are missing out. The platform started out as a networking site to keep in contact with friends, but is now considered an essential marketing tool for businesses.

Therefore, we decided to create a 21-Day Facebook challenge to help you optimise your business page. Each day has a new tip which will help you make sure your Facebook page is up to scratch. Below are all the tips in one place.

Even if you missed the challenge in real time you can still use these helpful bits of advice to make sure you’re getting more from your Facebook page, whenever you want. Get involved and give it a go now!


Day 1 – Follow 5 business pages


Happy New 2021! To get you off to a good start this year, we have created a 21-day Facebook Challenge. There are 21 tips over 21 days so that you get more from your business pages. Please let us know how you get on!

We will do the same for Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter after this one’s complete.

Today’s task is to follow 5 business pages!



Day 2 – Write a glowing review for one of your top suppliers


Day 2 of our #21DayChallenge to boost your business page is to write a glowing recommendation for one of your top suppliers.

Head over to their page and click on ‘Reviews’. There you can click ‘yes’ to say you recommend the company, write a short comment and even include pictures of products you have bought from them.


Day 3 – Ask your friends to like your business page


#21DayChallenge – Day 3

Ask your friends to like your page – a great way to get more Likes is to ask your friends and family to like your business page.

It’s really easy to do…

  • Go to your page
  • Click more in admin view
  • Click ‘Invite Friends’


Day 4 – Add or update your services listing


Social media is the perfect place to show potential customers what service you offer. There’s a special section on Facebook where you can do this for Day 4 of our #21DayChallenge.

Click Services, then Add a Service. A short form will pop up asking for information on the service you want to add. Include a great image and a price if you sell fixed price products.


Day 5 – Update your cover photo – maybe change to a slide show or video


Wow your page visitors with wonderful cover images!

Your Facebook profile cover section can be a photograph, video or a slideshow of images to make it more engaging when people visit your page.

That’s your challenge for Day 5…Go, go, go!



Day 6 – Update your ‘About Us’ info


When was the last time you checked your ‘About Us’ section on your Facebook page? We bet it’s been a while, so today’s task is to update it with the latest information about your company.



Day 7 – Join a group to help promote your business


#21DayChallenge – Day 7

Joining groups and engaging with their online community is a great way to start up new conversations, and they’re a good place to learn new information too. Today, search for Groups relevant to your business and hit ‘Join’.

Sometimes you’ll have to fill in a short form to confirm you’re the right person to be part of the group.


Day 8 – Check your opening hours


Are you open? Today’s task in our #21DayChallenge is to check the opening hours on your Facebook page.


Day 9 – Create a post from a photo on your phone


#21DayChallenge – #Day9

This is a super quick and easy task for Day 9 – check your phone gallery and post a work or team photo on your business page.


Day 10 – If you’re looking for more customers – add appointment bookings


Are we really on Day 10 already! Who has managed 10 days of our challenge so far? Don’t worry if you’ve missed a couple, but stick with us for the next 11 days and help boost your Facebook Business Page.

Today, we’re looking at adding appointment bookings for your site. If you offer appointments or consultations, it’s a great way for potential customers to book in time with you. Head to Appointments > Appointment Settings to set up your availability and message settings – this works best if your Services section is complete!



Day 11 – If you sell online, set up Facebook shop


#21DayChallenge – #Day11

Did you know that customers can buy your products directly on Facebook? Facebook shop offers you the chance to reach a whole new market of potential customers.

To set this up, click the Start Shop Setup button under the Manage Shop tab. Fill out all the details and you’ll be ready to start selling your products directly on Facebook.

If you don’t sell online, make sure your number and contact details are clearly displayed on your page, so they can make any purchases as easy as possible.


Day 12 – Post something interesting about you or a team member


#21DayChallenge – #Day12

Today’s challenge is to post something interesting about you or a member of your team.

Facebook is a great two-way communication tool and gives you an opportunity to build strong relationships with your customers. That’s why adding a personal touch to your page has many benefits.


Day 13 – Create a Facebook photo album


#21DayChallenge – #Day13

Day 13 requires you to use one of Facebook’s oldest but most unique features. Creating a photo album is a great way to group photos together and works superbly to show off a new or existing product range.

To do this, simply click on the Photos tab on your page and then Create Album.


Day 14 – Post a tip or helpful advice


#21DayChallenge – #Day14

Facebook is a great way to respond to customer queries, but you don’t always have to wait until they contact you. Why not be proactive and post a tip to help them?

Tips are a great way of keeping your followers informed by giving them your expert advice.


Day 15 – Create a slideshow to show your products and services


#21DayChallenge – #Day15

Today’s challenge is to make a slideshow to show your products and services. Slideshows are an effective way to create a video without the need for expensive equipment and editing software.

Facebook heavily favours video content, so it could be a more effective way of increasing the reach of your posts compared to photos.

On the Publishing Tools page go on to Creator Studio. Click Create Post, then Multimedia, then click Create Slideshow. Add your photos and audio and away you go!


Day 16 – Post a story


#21DayChallenge – #Day16

Stories are a fantastic way to show a lighter side to your business page. People are interested in your products, but also want to connect with your brand on a personal level and stories are a great way to do this.

Use stories to upload behind-the-scenes content or real-time updates. To upload just click on the Add Story button on the home page.


Day 17 – Use the ‘Ask me’ post option to get people asking questions


#21DayChallenge – #Day17

Only 5 days left of our #21DayChallenge to help boost your Facebook Business page. Let us know how you’ve been getting on so far!

Today’s challenge involves using the ‘Ask Me’ option to get your followers engaging and asking questions. Questions are the perfect way to start a conversation and this provides you with the opportunity to do just that.

Simply, create a post with the ‘Ask Me’ button and directly respond to any queries your followers may have to open up the conversation.


Day 18 – Post an offer – even if you don’t sell online it could be a free brochure!


#21DayChallenge – #Day18

With more and more people spending most of their time on social media, this could be the perfect place to inform them of any offers. If you don’t sell your products or services online, you can still show them offers on Facebook and spread the word about any potential deals you may have on.


Day 19 – Tag in a supplier or customer


#21DayChallenge – #Day19

Tag in a supplier or customer to do this challenge themselves.

Spread the word!



Day 20 – Start a conversation on a group or page


#21DayChallenge – #Day20

Post something onto a group or page with members who could be interested in your products.

You don’t have to sell them something, just start a conversation! Remember, the more people that see and engage with your page, the more potential customers you will reach.


Day 21 – Tag in Balls2 Marketing that you’ve completed the challenge!


#21DayChallenge – #Day21

Well there it is, we are finally at the end of the #21DayChallenge. How did you all get on? We hope you followed our useful tips and now understand how best to use your Facebook page to fulfil its business potential.

Our final challenge is to Tag Balls2 Marketing to show us that you’ve completed it!

Stay tuned for more challenges on how to improve your business pages on other social media sites.


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