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What are the benefits of direct mail?

Is direct mail still relevant today? What are the potential returns? Check out the full benefits of direct mail.

The Benefits Of Direct Mail

Although we live in the digital age traditional advertising types such as direct mail are making a comeback. People really read direct mail with over 75% of posted advertising being opened by participants.
It is also a highly targeted media type, perfect for small businesses promoting in local areas. Since the dawn of digital, marketers have often thought that the online world would mean the death of traditional media such as print, direct mail and outdoor posters. However, due to the sheer volume of online advertising and the smaller frequency of traditional media it is once again becoming a responsive type of promotion.
Strong Engagement
Direct mail is highly engaging with postcards in particular receiving more engagement compared to flyers, letters and other materials. Mail is also more tangible allowing consumers to be exposed to your message for longer especially when compared to online advertising which is often only viewed for a few seconds.

“92% of young shoppers say they prefer direct mail for making purchasing decisions”

Direct mail is especially effective at local advertising on an affordable and easy scale. Highly flexible options also allow you to choose from a range of criteria to apply to people you send your advertising to.
According to a study, when direct mail is sent to an existing customer, the response rate is 3.4%, whereas email is 0.12%. It is also stated that 50% of people also pay more attention to direct mail than any other advertisement medium.
Highly tailored & customisable
The ability to tailor your direct mail to the perfect audience is one of its biggest strengths. Maybe you’re looking to target existing customers, new customers or both. With direct mail you have the option to choose specific areas to generate valuable leads. Combined with a powerful, yet simple design you can deliver powerful marketing messages to your customers.
At Balls2Marketing we provide you with highly flexible and easy direct mail solutions that allow you to easily add your content to one of our effective templates and tailor the exact areas you want to send your advertising. We give you flexible options such as 20/20 vision and pinpoint location mapping to choose who receives your direct mail. Find and more and get started.
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