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What are the benefits of social media?

Why should businesses be on social media? And does it actually help increase sales? Take at look at what the facts say.

The Benefits Of Getting Social

Social media is no longer just a way people connect with people but also how we connect and engage with businesses and brands we like. Unlike the majority of business communications, social media is a two-way conversation.
Communication is the key
If you have a message, consumers can say something back which can be positive, negative or nothing at all if your content isn’t engaging enough. Capturing your online audience’s interest and converting that into sales makes social media a powerful tool when harnessed correctly.
Social media allows you to establish your brand online and build awareness through a loyal following with more people recommending a brand when they follow them online. Through social media your brand can benefit from increased recognition among your target audience, allowing you to engage and develop an ongoing conversation with your customers.

“Millennials spend 2 hours a day browsing on social media with up to 8 dedicated apps on their phones”

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool, it can produce almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail or Pay Per Click (PPC).
Social media is great for conversion
Along with recognition and awareness, social media gives you far more opportunities to convert. With engaging content across your channels you can benefit from increased traffic to your website, better search engine rankings and a higher brand authority.
It is important to have a strong presence across a range of social media platforms depending on your business with each having their own advantages. With unique content across each of the social media channels you use you can generate a greater response from your audience to create a loyal following.
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