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Ecommerce and the role of social media

The ONS* figures show that over the last 10 years online shopping has followed a steady upward trajectory from 7 to 22 percent, until lockdown when it suddenly jumped up to 33 percent, meaning a third of all retail purchases were made online. We want it to be easy to buy things and online shopping is simple. Over lockdown more purchases moved online, mostly because shops were shut, but as it has proven so easy it’s likely that volumes will stay at these higher levels.
New terms are coming into our language including ‘click to buy’ and ‘frictionless trade’. These show how slick it is to buy online.
Facebook Shop has been added as a new service for sellers on Facebook. This means buyers don’t even have to leave the social media site, and transactions can be done in seconds. Currently it’s free to sell through Facebook Shop, although there are lots of caveats to say that this may change with transaction charges likely to be the way forward.
While for windows and doors, it’s not so easy to click to buy, we are seeing big changes in the way customers are interacting online. There are huge increases in the number of retail leads coming through on social with the exact specifications on designs, sizes and colours, with more people happy to make a purchase without face-to-face meetings.
Installation companies who have online window and door designers are seeing increases in traffic to their websites, and it’s here that we can see ecommerce playing its part in the future. We believe that this could progress further to design and buy online especially for entrance doors.
It’s easy to add a door designer as many door systems companies and larger fabricators have online door designers that you can plug into your website, so if you haven’t got one already, it’s definitely worth asking your supplier. Then once it’s up and running, it’s a new thing to promote through your social media!
If you’d like to get more leads from social, give me a call on 07540 049655 or email sarah@balls2marketing.co.uk
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