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Facebook, the Fact Checker – As Published in Vision Publications


Sarah Ball, client strategy director at Balls2 Marketing & social media expert for the glazing industry talks about the news that Facebook is introducing fact-checking to images and videos.

Facebook, the Fact Checker

The latest development in Facebook’s crusade against fake news is the announcement that they’re expanding fact-checks on images and videos.

It’s no surprise. Images and videos get lots more engagement on Facebook than just written posts, so it makes sense for Facebook’s independent partners to be adding in fact-checks on all media. It should mean that the spread of fake news stories is reduced, and users will start to see better quality, accurate information, rather than spammy false news articles and click-bait.

This is good for businesses on Facebook. The more they are driving their mission to eradicate fake news, the more trust will be reinstated so users can be confident that it is delivering interesting, honest content.

One thing we can take from this is that Facebook will be scrutinising content even more than usual, so make sure that everything you post is an honest representation of your business. People like using Facebook as it’s a trusted source of information, but these trust levels have been damaged in recent months. It’s important for Facebook to rebuild this trust so that it can be used by businesses like yours to reach as many users as possible.

Why not post a photograph or walkthrough video of a finished job with a great message you’ve received from a happy customer? If you receive a Thank You card from a client, you could post a snap of it on display in your showroom, or even on the dashboard in the van. Better still, ask your customers to post installation photos and comments direct to your Facebook page, give you a 5-star review and recommend you to their Friends.

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