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What can your business learn from Google Analytics?

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Websites. Everyone has one, but are you using yours right?

It’s easy to think you can simply pop your new products or latest news onto your site every now and then and just leave it there, hoping people are coming onto your site without actually checking whether they are.

But why would you want to hope when you could track who’s on your site, when they’re on it, what they’re looking at, and how they found you?

All this is easy with Google Analytics. It can be incorporated onto any site just by adding a tracking code.

What does Google Analytics do?

Google Analytics breaks down the data from your site views into 4 different report sections, each of which helps you understand your site views in different ways:

  • Real Time reports shows you live data from visitors
  • Audience reports help you understand the characteristics of your users
  • Acquisition reports show you what brought your users to your site
  • Conversion reports show you the journey the users on your site take before they land at your specified end goal


How can Google Analytics help your website?

Google Analytics reports are laid out in data tables and graphs, which you can navigate to view the specific data you want and ultimately make better decisions for your website.

Audience reports

Using the Audience reports, you can find out who is looking at your site. You can discover their age, gender, location and interests so you can target the correct group that views your site the most. You can compare each demographic group by who’s on the page for the longest session, who views the most pages, and who’s new and who’s coming back.

You can also see which device your website is being viewed on and optimise the site to work best for this.

Acquisition reports

In the Acquisition reports, you can understand what’s driving people to your site by seeing how users find you. You can see whether they come from an unpaid search engine result, a paid search campaign, a referral from another site such as your social media, an email campaign, or by simply typing your URL straight into their browser. This is all extremely useful to know as you can invest more time and money into the source which is driving the most traffic to your website.

Behaviour reports

Behaviour reports show you what content your users are looking at. With this, you can understand which pages on your site are most popular, where users interact with your site e.g. by watching a video, which page users land on first, and where and how quickly they’re leaving your site. All of this information can be used to help you work out how to make your visitors stay on your website for longer and result in another lead.

Conversion reports

If you set up Goals – actions you want your users to take – you can track what’s working to obtain leads and enquiries. Track who fills in a newsletter sign-up form, books an appointment, or requests a callback on your site in the Conversion report. Although Goals data can be seen in your other reports, the Conversion report allows you to see the journey your users take on your site before completing your chosen Goal, and you can also see where they may be dropping out of the process. Using this, you can decide how to make your sign-up or callback processes easier to secure you a successful lead.


The list of what Google Analytics can do is endless. Another important point is that Google AdWords can be incorporated into your reports too so you can see the effectiveness of your paid advertisements. With all these valuable features, isn’t it time you tapped into it all?

We have a specialist team trained in Google Analytics. If you would like to find out more about what we can do for your website, give us a call on 01332 559406, or take a look at our services.





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