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Lights, Facebook, Action – As Published in Vision Publications

Sarah Column

For the last few years, video has been a dominating force all across social media and live streaming has been steadily catching up. Periscope was the first big boy in the race – you may remember the viral streaming of people trying to dodge a puddle in Newcastle, AKA #DrummondPuddleWatch that got almost 20,000 views last year.

That was about peak for Periscope, as shortly after, Facebook introduced live streaming to its platform and its product is now leading the live streaming arena.

According to a recent survey, 78 percent of online audiences are already watching video live on Facebook. That’s great news for businesses, especially those who have got a good presence on the platform.

Going live on Facebook is really easy and there are loads of different things you can do to make your live streams fun, engaging and interesting.

It’s a fantastic tool for events, so if you’re visiting a trade show, watching a seminar or taking part in a charity event, you can share your experiences with your Facebook fans. Recently, you may have seen some Facebook Live streaming from the 12 WIGS who took on the #Paddle2Pedal challenge in August.

Another great content idea is how-to videos, it might be a quick guide on installing a door or window or a quick demo on using a new online ordering system from your IT pros.

It also works really well for showing off your workmanship. Once the job’s finished, have a walk round and film where you have installed new products. You can explain what products you have used and why as you go.

The beauty of Facebook Live is that it is free and it gives a real-life view of your business and the great work you do. Plus, when you go live, your audience gets a notification to watch you live, or if they miss it, you can save to your page and they can catch-up later!

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