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Meet The Team

Balls2 Marketing brings together the collective talent, experience and dedication of seven passionate marketing professionals. Each member of the team brings a variety of skills; when combined, we’re able to offer a comprehensive portfolio of marketing services to help you increase awareness, growth and sales of your products.

Please take the opportunity to find out a little bit more about what everybody does here. Since we're famous for our Friday Cheese Club, we've also included our personal picks for our favourite cheeses.

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I’ve spent most of my working life in the construction industry selling and promoting building products to architects, contractors, fabricators and installation companies. I get real satisfaction from creating an exciting marketing strategy and working with the team to produce great results.
My experience in creating strong customer support schemes has included establishing the successful Sarnafil Roof Assured network and the Super Spacer Dealership. My career includes Directorship roles at Synseal Ltd and Edgetech UK, before starting Balls2 Marketing in 2010.
Favourite cheese – I’d be hard pressed to name a cheese I don’t like, but if pushed to choose one it would have to be authentic Cave Matured Cheddar from the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company.

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I’m Client Strategy Director and I’ve been at Balls2 Marketing since the start. I love what I do. I get to work with amazing clients. I work really closely with them to understand their businesses and what they’re looking to achieve through their marketing. Translating that into powerful writing for print, online and social media to get real results.
Favourite cheese: I couldn’t eat it every day but anything with Roquefort I love.

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I joined Balls2 Marketing as senior communications manager in 2013 and am now affectionately known as Gemma with the Balls. My experience comes from 10 years’ in local PR and retail marketing for Sony.
My job is to understand what clients do and how that fits into the wider industry, so I can write messages that help businesses achieve their goals.
Favourite cheese: As founder of #fridaycheeseclub it would be wrong to leave out any cheese, but my go to cheese board favourite is a soft French cheese called Pie d’angloys and there’s always a block of smoked Applewood in my fridge.

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As a digital marketing executive I look at what drives traffic to your website and analyse what works best for you. I assist the team by providing data to help make your campaigns more successful and give customers easy to read reports. Social media and Google are the main areas I focus on. I am constantly reading and training to keep up to date with the ever changing world of digital marketing.
Favourite Cheese: It’s so hard to pick, but Ripe Somerset Brie with digestive biscuits and raspberry jam is definitely up there, as well as mozzarella with vine ripened tomatoes and basil with a generous helping of olive oil and salt.

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I joined the Balls2 Marketing team in 2014 as PR Assistant. I came armed with a journalism degree and an unhealthy obsession with grammar which helps when I’m proof reading. I maintain good relationships with magazine editors and make sure that I’m in the know about any upcoming features or supplements which our clients might like to be involved in.
Favourite cheese: Since my deli-working student days, I’ve been a sucker for Barkham Blue.

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I joined Balls2 Marketing in 2015 as Director of Communications to oversee our clients’ PR requirements. I have over 15 years of experience in PR, with particular expertise in the B2B sector. I see my role as being to ensure we not only deliver campaigns that showcase the client’s business objectives and messages, but are also tailored to each specific publication and target audience, in order to maximise awareness and engagement. I have a passion for writing in all its forms and moonlight as a freelance film journalist in my spare time.
Favourite cheese: I’m the blasphemous one in the office who is agnostic about cheese. If pushed, I’m partial to a bit of Brie.
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