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Creating Marketing Campaigns from Ollie

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I’m Ollie, I am 19 and I started working at Balls2 Marketing in February doing my Level 3 Digital Marketing apprenticeship. It has been strange year to start my career in marketing and COVID19 meant that after only being in the office for 1 month, I had to work from home. By the time I came back to the office, I was halfway through my apprenticeship. 


As part of my course, one of my tasks is to put together and run two separate social media campaigns. As Balls2 Marketing is releasing its new Design Packages, I saw a great opportunity to run it for my first campaign, using our social platforms and the website. This blog explains the process I’ve used. So here goes, and hopefully I have put down everything you need to know about what I’ve had to do to build my campaign. 


It is perfect timing as Balls2 Marketing was launching its new design packages just as I had to do my campaign for my apprenticeship. One of the requirements that my brief said was that it had to be a multi-channel campaign, this means that it had to run over multiple social media platforms. It was an easy requirement as Balls2 Marketing has Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. We also have our website which gives us access to post blogs! 


At the start of any campaign the first step is to set goals. My goal is to gain a minimum of 40 followers over all platforms. The second is gain at least 10 likes on posts across the platforms as well as an engagement rate of 50 percent. I have set these objectives by looking at other campaigns we have run in the past and reviewed the results. It was agreed that these goals were achievable. By setting targets and seeing if they are met, I have a benchmark to test against. It also means I can change and adjust the goals, if necessary, for the second campaign to make it more successful. 


After setting the goals, the next step will be to look at the frequency of the posts and how long the campaign will run. To start there will be 3 posts per week and they will over a period of 1 month. Having this information is vital before the brief goes to the designer. As this campaign is all down to me, I have made all the assets for the social posts. 


As I had to create the content myself, I chose to use Canva as it is simple to operate and I’ve used it on a few occasions before. To get the graphic to look like what I wanted, I spent time perfecting them until I created several that I was pleased with, I also wrote the copy for the social posts. Then the images and words went through the Balls2 Marketing internal Checking Process to make sure it was correct. 


I will be checking the results throughout the campaign to see how successful it is. I will analyse these results and then modify them to make them even better for the next part of the campaign. 


I am looking forward to running this campaign as it is my first and I have worked hard on it, I am particularly excited to see how it turns out and learn what I can do better to improve my knowledge and skill in marketing. The campaign will start over the next few weeks, so you’ll start soon seeing my posts! 




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