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People Love People – As Published in Vision Magazine


When I say we need to get personal on social media, I’m not talking about doing five updates a day talking about what you had to eat or how bad the traffic was on your commute. Instead, I’m talking about using your social media channels to shine a light on your brand personality.

People love people, so showing off the characters behind your business is a great way to drive engagement, not just with your team but with existing and prospect customers too.

We know it works – the glazing industry is full of big characters who have a good presence online. When it comes to networking events like PiGs, even if people haven’t met them before, they’re happy to go and start a conversation with them. Leading up to FIT Show, it’s a great idea to start showing off your team so visitors will recognise them at the show and be happy to have a chat.

It can be really simple stuff. Post photos of the team on days out or when it’s someone’s birthday. Shout about a charity event your team are taking part in or just post a fun Friday selfie. If you’re on site, take a short video of fitters doing a great job of installing a bi-fold or finishing off a window job. Or just a quick snap of today’s brew and biscuit choice!

These fun, personal posts get great engagement from staff, and that shows your followers what a great company you are to work for – and do business with!

We know it works because at events people we don’t know start up great conversations with us about #FridayLunchClub or its previous guise, #FridayCheeseClub!

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