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As Published in Vision Magazine – Getting sow-cial

Sarah Ball, client strategy director at Balls2 Marketing & social media expert for the glazing industry, talks about how PiGs successfully uses social media.

Getting sow-cial

PiGs has been a great success this year. As well as our regular events in Manchester, London, Glasgow and Birmingham, we’ve taken PiGs to FIT show and across the Atlantic!

Alongside our fantastic sponsors and attendees, what makes PiGs work so well is how we use social media.

We regularly post out across the PiGs Twitter and Facebook feeds details of the next events so everyone can get the dates in their diary and plan their visit well in advance.

Essential to PiGs is our sponsors. They get regular tweets and Facebook posts thanking them for their help toward throwing such fabulous events.

Towards the run up to the next PiGs, we start to see the tweets and Facebook comments flooding in, with people letting us know that they’ll be attending, or keeping us updated on how their journey is going. It’s a great opportunity for people to know who’ll they’ll be rubbing shoulders with and creates a real buzz for the evening.

After each PiGs event, our team uploads all the snaps from the night in an album on the PiGs Facebook page. We’ve moved on from taking selfie boards to each event to speech bubbles instead, which makes looking through the photos the morning after even more fun!

We want to make sure PiGs is always PiGgin’ marvelous, and we use social media to monitor this. We’ve recently posted out a poll, asking for people to let us know which city they’d next like PiGs to take by storm. People find it really easy to get involved on social media, and we’ve got a fair few responses so far.

If you’d like to find out more about PiGs or how to best use social media for your business, tweet us @balls2marketing or find us on Facebook.

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