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Sarah’s quick tips for social media – you can get results in just 10 minutes!

As part of my social media #teamtakeover I have put together some super quick tips to help people get started on different social media platforms. I’ve taken my favourite 4 – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These are my top choices for businesses to get more leads and web traffic.

There’s no reason to wait. Here are 4 posts that I created for Wednesday’s team takeover!


Here’s a quick tip for LinkedIn – invite your contacts to like your company page and grow the number of followers. It super easy – all you have to do is click on the box that says invite more connections and choose the people you’d like to invite! Take 5 minutes a day, and you’ll soon build up the numbers!

This means that you’ll get people following your company page where all the information is in one place. You can still like and share the company posts onto your own feed as you are more likely to have more contacts personally.


Add an extra level of personality to your Facebook feed with team posts. We are running a #teamtakeover for social for the next few weeks so you can meet all of us!

Team posts give businesses the chance to show off the personalities and expertise within the company. It’s likely that our family and friends will get more engaged too. No one wants to see dry content that is just about products, services or calls to action all the time. We need these too, but for most businesses, especially now, it’s about feeling that we are working together.

Test it out by posting a thank you to your team or getting one of them to post! You might be surprised what happens.

Balls2Marketing Team


Pinning posts is a really easy way to keep the most relevant information handy. For instance, if you have a temporary change in opening hours around Covid-19, this can be pinned so it will be seen first even if you’re updating your Twitter feed more regularly. Just remember to unpin it when you’ve finished!

Grey Twitter Pin


It’s all about #photos and #hashtags on Instagram. To make it easier to post create a list that you can use over again for your business and then create a list of hashtags for individual products, services or projects. It’s that simple!

Here’s some I’ve come up with for Balls2 Marketing #photos #photoscreateinterest #inspiration #getinspired #getdowntobusiness #createahashtag #followahashtag #businessinspiration #inspiration #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #lovemarketing #socialmediaforbusiness #marketingteam #topmarketingteam #fullservicemarketingagency #Derbymarketingagency #marketingagency #CIPRagency #PRideAwardWinners

Hashtag - light (2)

However, as much as I would like it to be all about the words, the pictures really seal the success of posts. Choose interesting pictures, create images that are a shorthand on social and don’t forget video. Moving images always attract more attention. There are some simple apps to create video that you can use free or low cost. It’s well worth investing a bit of extra time in choosing the perfect image to go with your post – try Canva or Clipchamp!

Finally, don’t just post and forget about it. Most people won’t see every post you put out. Do it regularly and you’ll see better results.

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