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Seasonal Social Sweep – As Published in Vision Publications


Sarah Ball, PiGS Organiser and client strategy director at Balls2 Marketing talks about how installers can tidy up their social media over the festive break.

Seasonal Social Sweep

As the window industry winds down for the Christmas break, the phones and emails start to be a bit quieter, which makes it a great time to clean up your social media pages.

It might be as simple as just making sure everything is up-to-date or uploading all those installation photographs that have been on your smartphone for months.

Here’s some things to check, so you’re raring to go on social in 2019:

  1. Update your ‘about’ section – check it’s all still relevant and update if needed. If 2019 is a big anniversary for your company, mention it in your new bio. Don’t forget to check less obvious platforms like YouTube too.
  2. Check the details – changed your phone number or email address this year? Make sure it’s up-to-date on all your pages. You’d be surprised how many people forget! Make sure your opening hours and address are accurate too, in case someone wants to pop-in to your showroom to see you.
  3. Photo albums – images are so important on social media. Having some nice photo albums of your installations on Facebook means potential customers can see all the great work you’ve done over the last year. Arrange them by project or create a ‘2018’ highlights album.
  4. Cover images – on Facebook, you can now have a slideshow as your cover image, so choose your very best installation photos and get them up there for any visitors to your page to see.
  5. Christmas closure – if you’re closed over Christmas and New Year, let your followers know. You can keep posting online though – think of all those potential customers that are flicking through their timelines at less-than-exciting family get-togethers…

Have a great Christmas break – I’ll be back in 2019 with more tips – if you have any special requests for social media advice, just Tweet me @Sarah2Ball.

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