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As Published in Vision Magazine – Team Talk

Sarah's Column 1

Sarah Ball, client strategy director at Balls2 Marketing & social media expert for the glazing industry, talks about putting faces to names on social media.

Team Talk

FIT Show was a great place for everyone to meet the Balls2 Marketing team. It was a superb opportunity for people to put faces to names. With such a busy industry, it’s not always easy to do this.

That’s why social media is so important.

To follow on from the fantastic reception we got at FIT Show, we’ve added more posts about our team across our social platforms.

We’ve just started our two truths and a lie, asking people to guess which one isn’t true, along with more photos of the team. We’re also each posting about interesting things we’ve found either in the industry or in wider marketing. Not to forget our weekly #FridayLunchClub!

It’s content like that that gets the most engagement. People online start to see you as a more personable, likeable and friendly company, and it’s a great conversations starter.

Try posting more about what the people in your team enjoy doing, both at work and in their spare time, your weekly work activities, or any charities you’re involved in.

Team social won’t necessarily get you leads in the short term, but it will encourage people to engage with you. You should still post regular calls to action, driving people to your website, showroom or factory.

Sharing videos of installers out on a job, or from the factory, or talking about your products, is a fun way to combine personal social with your sales messages.

If you’d like help managing your social media platforms, get in touch with me by calling Balls2 Marketing on 01332 559406.

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