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The Balls2 Marketing 21-Day Instagram Challenge


21 Day Instagram Challenge

With social media becoming more popular than ever, it is now considered an essential tool for online marketing and businesses everywhere are starting to pick up on this and put more into their social pages.

Following on from our 21-day Facebook Challenge in January, we have decided to do one for the other social media channels, starting with Instagram. Instagram has been one of the fastest rising social platforms over the last few years, especially popular with the younger generation.

The challenge was designed to give you 21 ways in which you can enhance your Instagram business page and make sure you’re getting more from your profile. Each day has a different task, all with the aim of increasing the engagement and reach of your page.

If you missed the challenge in real time, don’t worry, all the tasks are below. Get started today and take the Balls2 Marketing 21 Day Instagram Challenge now and don’t forget to tag us and let us know how you get on.


Day 1 – Post a selfie


The first task is to post a selfie! It can be of you or your team, just let your followers know the faces behind the brand.


Day 2 – Follow 5 other businesses


The second task of our 21-day Instagram Challenge is to follow 5 other businesses. Try to make them relevant to your business, whether they are local to you or in your industry!


Day 3 – Post a helpful tip which people may save to come back to later


Your social media page is a great way to offer advice, and this can still be done on Instagram. Although it’s a visual platform, quotes or tips in the form of text on a light background are very popular.

Post a helpful tip on your page to help your customers. If it’s something useful they may save the post and come back to it, which is a great way of helping your post get seen by more people.


Day 4 – Run a countdown on your story


Instagram stories are a great way to post time-specific content. There are a number of stickers which you can add to make them even more interactive and engaging.

Use the countdown sticker to build anticipation for an event. A good idea would be for a new product launch or a significant day for your business.


Day 5 – Create five hashtags about your brand


Create five hashtags about your brand and make sure they’re unique to your company. Here you can find all the content about your company’s products, whether it’s been posted by you or your customers.


Day 6 – Create a highlight


The sixth task of our challenge is to create a highlight on your page. Highlights are a great place to organise all the content which was posted to your story in one place. To create one:

Go on to your profile

Click on the plus below the ‘Edit Profile’ button

Choose which stories you want from your archive

Click next and name your Highlight

Choose a cover for it and you’re done!


Day 7 – Post your latest grid post to your story


Make sure you’re adding your recent posts on to your story. This will make sure they don’t get lost in your followers’ feeds and increases the likelihood of them being seen.

Make a post and add it to your story, for this challenge. To do this, click on the envelope on the chosen post and then, add to story.


Day 8 – Set up Instagram Insights


Analytics are fantastic way of knowing more about your customers and can help you tailor your marketing strategy accordingly. Make sure you’re using Instagram Insights for this challenge.

To do this, click on the bar chart in the top right of your profile. This will show you likes, followers, comments and even the demographics of your followers.

You can also track how well an individual post has done by clicking on the ‘View Insights’ in the bottom left of the post.

Note: You need to be set up as a business page to use Insights. If you’re not already, click on the ‘Account’ tab on ‘Settings’. Then click ‘Switch to Professional Account’ and then ‘Business Account’


Day 9 – Do an ‘Ask Me Anything’ story post


The ninth task of the challenge is to post an ‘Ask Me Anything’ story.

Use your story to engage with your followers. Post a story with the questions sticker, prompting your followers to ask you anything.

Make sure you post the replies on to your story to get more people engaged and encourage more people to ask questions.


Day 10 – Comment on 5 posts you love


10 tasks into our 21-day challenge and we hope that you are loving the useful tips. That’s what today’s task is all about: Love.

Comment on 5 posts that you’ve seen today and spread the love!


Day 11 – Go Live! And talk about what’s happening with your business today


The previous challenge was all about love and this one is all about live. Go Instagram Live and talk to your followers about what’s going on your business or industry today, just start talking!

Instagram Live is a great way of people seeing the faces behind your business and can spark up a conversation!


Day 12 – Follow 5 hashtags relevant to your industry


Hashtags are an important part of grouping content together and you can even follow specific ones, so that all posts with that tag come up on your news feed. Go follow five hashtags which are related to your industry and keep your news feed relevant.


Day 13 – Post a video to reels


Today’s challenge involves using one of Instagram’s newest features – Reels. This is a new feature which you can use to record and edit short, multi-clip videos with audio and effects.

They can be used informatively or for entertainment purposes, so get involved and make your first Reel today!

TIP: Make sure that you create captions for your Reel, to make sure people can still see what you’re saying with the sound off.


Day 14 – Sounding good – post the track that’s on repeat in the office


This challenge is to post whatever song is on repeat in the office!

Use the Music sticker, which allows you to post a story with a clip of a track on it. It is linked to Spotify, so there is a huge amount of songs on offer.


Day 15 – Run a poll


Run a poll on your story to complete this challenge. Polls are a good way of increasing engagement on your Instagram stories, and an easy way to hear your customers’ opinions.

A good way to use this feature is to post a photo of two of your products and run a poll asking followers to pick which they prefer.


Day 16 – Share a post to your story


Number 16 of our 21-Day challenge requires you to share someone else’s post to your story. It can be anything from a supplier or perhaps a customer that is using one of your products. Sharing these posts is a good way of encouraging people to tag you in their posts.


Day 17 – Let one of your employees do a takeover on your story to show what they do in a day


It’s time to meet your team. Get a member of your team to take over the Instagram story for the day.

It can be anyone, but a good idea may be for someone to show your followers what they do in a typical day in their job. It’s a great way of showing the personal side to your business and creating the transparency that social media can bring.


Day 18 – Include an action button on your profile


One of the most useful features of having an Instagram Business account is the Action Button feature. This allows you to install a button on your profile where when clicked on, it carries out a task.

For example, the button could say ‘Call Us’ and it rings the number from your phone when you click on it. This is great way to encourage followers to get in touch and is more effective than just putting your number on the page. Give it a try now and let us know when you’ve completed it for this challenge.


Day 19 – Update your bio and information on your profile


It’s time to update your bio. Make sure your bio is up to date with all the relevant information, including your contact details and a link to your website.

Top tip: Use vertical spacing and emojis to make sure your bio matches Instagram’s informal tone and playful aesthetic.


Day 20 – Upload a video to IGTV


IGTV is another video platform which Instagram uses and can be used to upload longer videos. A good way to use this platform is to upload longer videos which you might upload to other sites such as Facebook or Youtube. How-to videos can work well on here and it can also be used to upload your Instagram Live streams so people can watch them back at any time.

Upload a video now to complete the penultimate task of our 21-day challenge.


Day 21 – Tag in another business to complete the challenge


And just like that our 21-day challenge is over, we hope you’ve enjoyed it and got some ideas of how to make the most out of your Instagram page. Our final task is to tag someone else in to complete the challenge and keep this going!

Head over to our Linkedin page to take part in our 21 Day Challenge on that too.

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