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The Power of Debate on Social Media

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Wherever you go there will always be certain topics of conversation which are sure to split opinion. There seems to be a lot of division in the world at the moment over politics, but nothing stirs up the passion in the typical UK citizen as much as something as trivial important as whether you put the jam on the scone before the cream. Don’t even start on the bread roll / cob / bap debate – that is one which will never end!

In between working hard in the office, our time at Balls2 Marketing HQ is normally spent taking part in these extremely important and passionate discussions about what is right and wrong. Last week we decided to use that to our benefit as we opened up the conversation to our social media following to help settle one which, after looking at the results, has split the country. The subject was the childhood game of knocking on someone’s door and running away, which is obviously knock-knock ginger.

We posted a poll to our social channels with four options: Knock-knock ginger, knock-a-door run, cherry knocking and ding-dong ditch, with the best results coming from LinkedIn. After Sarah shared it, the poll really took off, receiving 754 votes and just under 40,000 impressions, with more than 100 comments on her share. There were 21 variations of the name which were different to the ones posted on our poll, with some bizarre (to us) names such as ‘ring bang skoosh’ or ‘nick knock nanny’.

Screenshot 2021-05-24 142206

The poll was a great conversation starter and gave people a space to reminisce on their youth, with some of the comments being about other mischievous childhood games not strictly related to the question.

It was fascinating to look through the comments and see the different names from all corners of the UK. The poll was a great example of how you can use the light-hearted side of social media to your advantage. Although you want to use it as a marketing tool and to promote your business, sometimes posting topics like this which get people talking can be an easier way of engaging with people on social channels.

Social is a great place to start conversations and they don’t always have to be directly about your business. Something as simple as commenting on a particular trending topic can go a long way in creating a space for people to engage with your content, which will ultimately lead to the exposure of your brand. Remember, people love to share their opinion. Make sure it’s on brand though, so that it won’t affect the reputation of your business. Our poll was a good example of this, as although it split opinion, it was a light-hearted and harmless debate.

So, why not try taking your daily conversations to social media?

Below is the complete list of suggested names which we found in the comments:

  • Knock down ginger
  • Knock and bolt
  • Knock off ginger
  • Knock out ginger
  • Chappie
  • Robbers knock
  • Nick knock nanny
  • Knocky nine doors
  • Ding dong skoosh
  • Knock door bunk
  • Tap door run
  • Knick knocking
  • Knock n nash
  • Run-off
  • Postman’s knock
  • Chap door runaway
  • Rat a tat ginger
  • Bobby knocking
  • Thunder and lightning
  • Knock a dolly
  • Ring bang skoosh


There are clearly regional variations, and it is likely to be skewed to the areas people are from. The numbers can’t necessarily be used as research but it’s a good place to start. If we were running it again, we would include other choices on the poll so that we could get better results, but all in all we are very pleased with the outcome, and it’s likely that next time we have a difference of opinion in the office, we might ask for more help from the outside world!

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