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We’re Grammin’ – As Published in Vision Publications


Sarah Ball, Client Strategy Director at Balls2 Marketing and social media expert for the glazing industry gives her tips for getting going on Instagram.

We’re Grammin’

Proving the real value of visual content, Instagram has taken the social media world and turned it on its head. As well as the timeline, there is the Stories feature, which rivals Snapchat, and IGTV which is an alternative to YouTube. There are so many opportunities to engage with your audience, plus you can hook it up to Facebook and share your content across both platforms. What’s not to love?

Here’s my top five tips for when you get started on Insta…

  1. Hashtag, hashtag, hashtag – on Instagram, hashtags work like they do on Twitter and are often used by people searching for content, so in all your posts, cram in the hashtags – try local things like #Derby, product tags like #bifoldingdoors and industry terms like #Selfbuild.
  2. Add location – adding a location to all your posts makes them more searchable too. Be sure to add one to all of your posts.
  3. Story time – use the Stories feature to your advantage. You can add short vidoes, images or live videos that will stay on your Story for 24 hours. Use these to do walkthroughs of projects and show the job’s progress each day. If they’re particularly good, you can add them to your highlights, so they stay on your profile.
  4. Talk to me – Instagram was designed to be a ‘live’ social platform, so it’s all about being chatty and friendly. You can talk and do a commentary whilst you do your walkthrough videos too – just make sure the radio is switched off!
  5. Engage – Instagram is all about engaging with your followers. Run polls and ‘ask a question’ features on your Stories. Follow them back and like their posts and they’ll do the same for you too!

If you only do one thing on social in 2019, make it Instagram.

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