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4 Reasons Why You Should Optimise Your Facebook Business Page


Everyone understands the huge role that social media plays in today’s world, and there’s no bigger social media platform than Facebook. Despite the growth of other sites, like Instagram and Twitter, Facebook still stands head and shoulders above the competition as the most popular social networking site.

It is used mostly by people staying in touch with friends and family, but there is no reason why a business shouldn’t tap into the Facebook marketplace to grow their company.

To find out how to improve your Facebook business page, check out our 21-day Facebook challenge which gives you 21 tips on how to make the most out of your page.

Here are four reasons why you should be optimising your Facebook page.


  1. It’s where your current and future customers are


There are over 2.7 billion monthly active users on Facebook and the likelihood is that some of these are your current customers, or more importantly future ones. With social media becoming increasingly popular and people spending more time on their mobile devices, it would be silly not to target them where they spend most of their time. In 2019, people spent an average of three hours a day on social media. We predict that this figure has grown massively during Covid restrictions, with people spending more time at home on their phones.


  1. You can easily gather information about your customers


Facebook Insights is an analytical tool which provides all sorts of data about the performance of your business page. It not only shows you basic information, such as how many likes and page views you receive, but it also can show in-depth demographics of your followers, and the people who interact with your pages.

This allows you to understand your target audience and cater your social media marketing strategy accordingly.


  1. It is another channel to sell your products from


Social commerce has been one of the rising trends among social media companies in the past few years. This is simply the process of selling products directly on social platforms. Facebook and Instagram both currently offer this feature, and it is predicted to rise even further in the coming years.

Selling your products on Facebook can be a great way to make the buying process as easy as possible for your customers, as they can scroll across a product, click on it, and pay for it without even leaving the app.

If you can’t sell your products online, then it is still another channel to show off your products and direct them on how to buy them.


  1. You can build strong connections with people on Facebook


Facebook’s USP in its early days was all about connections, whether that was connecting with old friends or connecting with people with common interests. Connecting is also very important for businesses. The more a customer can interact with you, the more they can trust you and the more they will choose and recommend you.

This can be done effectively on social media and especially Facebook through uploading Stories or simply responding to queries or engaging in conversation. It is a great tool to show people the human side behind your brand and improve your public image.

Social media is a fantastic marketing tool and if used effectively can help boost your business. For more advice and information on how to get the best out of your social media pages check out the 21-Day Challenge on our Facebook page.




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